October 20, 2013

Symposium – Australasian and Pacific Travel in the Middlebrow Imagination

We look forward to a two-day intensive, advanced research symposium on Australasian and Pacific Travel in the Middlebrow Imagination, held at JCU’s new Cairns Institute on 29-29 November 2013.

Invited participants are scholars from all over Australia, Fiji and Scotland, who will bring their expertise on Pacific studies and Pacific travel, travel writing and narratives, magazine culture in the interwar period, middlebrow and literary studies as well as visual culture to, what we hope will be, two days of stimulating discussion.

It is planned that papers presented at the symposium will appear in one or several thematic special journal issues. At the symposium, we will also establish our project advisory board.

Please click here for the symposium program.

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About the Project

In the interwar years, when ocean cruises and leisure travel became massified, the Pacific and travel across the Pacific featured heavily in Australia's popular print culture, contributing to an atmosphere of modernity and consumer culture. How did mainstream and quality periodicals represent Australians’ engagement with the Pacific in the period 1920-1940? What can magazines and the many texts within them - short stories, current affairs, book and film reviews, advertisements and gossip notes - tell us about the geographical imaginary of Australian in this period? Our project explores the textual and visual imagery of the Pacific that formed part of Australian popular and consumer culture, in a period often seen as dominated by cultural and radical nationalism.